Special Projects

Special Projects

Designing and manufacturing a high performance air filter, an engine component with no moving parts but with thousands of hours of R&D, is what drove us to design and produce our own DNA Cafe Racer (DCR) series.

When we "commission" ourselves to build the bikes of our dreams!

The DCR concept is our approach to something different, the imprint of our mentality, knowledge and engineering background to a motorcycle which can be produced in series, and maybe will. When you have the machinery to produce a high performance air filter in-house, then you have exactly what you need to produce some of the most pretty, radical and insane custom bikes. Both DCR projects are made by the duo of father & son of DNA, Dino & Mario Nikolaidis designed, manufactured and assembled every and each bolt on these bikes. November 2016.

Milan, Italy, during the EICMA International Show, where we participate as DNA Filters, with an extensive line of performance air filters for Cafe Racers, Trackers, Bobbers, the idea of designing and building a "Cafe Racer" by us, the DNA Filters R&D Team, was born. After the huge success of DCR-017 we needed to step up our game, a classic design concept won't work for a second time. The radical, the different, the unexpected was born, DCR-018. More on the next 4 pages. Enjoy!

The DCR017

We wanted to mimic the style and look of the 70’s and 80’s, the DCR-017 should be frame, engine, wheels, analogue clock, no plastic covers, no carbon fiber, just simple and raw metal to engage the beast! Yes, because under the 70’s and 80’s style and look we wanted a 2017 superbike specs beast, undercover! A Sleeper, a mean machine that would blow your mind away, with its beauty, power and handling... The unique “Fingerprint” defines the DCR-017, no painting, no polishing, no grinding, just a clear anodizing protects the parts from oxidizing and reveals the beauty of the raw metal feeling.

The Brain Eraser

The nickname came out from the bike's riding experience, from touching it, or just staring at it! Just erase what you knew until today, you are entering the new Brain Eraser dimension.

KTM 1195cc Liquid-cooled 75 deg V-twin

  • four-stroke
  • 186whp@ 10.400 rpm
  • 13.55 kgm @ 7.100 rpm
  • 1,148 whp/kg
  • 162 kg (wet) CURB Weight
  • 11 liters of fuel

Made of

  • 100+ hours of CAM
  • 260+ kg of aluminum
  • 300+ hours of CAD
  • 400+ hours of CNC machining
  • ∞ hours of passion & creativity
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The DCR018

It was back in the 80's when the young mechanic Dino conceived, designed and manufactured a "Monocoque Aluminum" frame 80cc two stroke race bike. Mario grew up playing with it, so he came up with the idea, to design and build a modern racer inspired by the almost 30 years old "strange" but awesome frame design! The ingredient to transform a "crazy" idea to a design completely "out of the box", was to add the so popular BMW R Nine T engine! The frame is machined in a "Honeycomb" structure, in order to reduce weight without compromising strength. The machine tool paths are visible and the final frame is clear anodized in order to be protected against oxidation. You can see and feel the bare metal that is so sexy!

The Billet Sting

Honeycomb design, dominating billet aluminum and aggressive style of this unique and "nasty" fast Boxer racer, where the inspirations behind the nickname and the awesome Wasp Logo

BMW 1170cc Air/Oil cooled Boxer

  • four-stroke
  • 122 whp @ 7.900 rpm
  • 12.3 kgm @ 6.200 rpm
  • 0.66 whp/kg
  • 183 kg (wet) CURB Weight
  • 10.5 liters of fuel

Made of

  • 150+ hours of CAM
  • 350+ kg of aluminum
  • 350+ hours of CAD
  • 600 hours of CNC machining
  • ∞ hours of craziness & creativity

The DRR022

The Beauty of advanced kinematics! …and this is how the idea of DRR-022 was born. The DNA Real Racer. The creation of a race-ready motorcycle with dimensions based on the Moto3 category of Moto GP equipped with an unconventional front system and manufactured only with materials and parts straight from the world championship..

The Unconv3ntional

Back in 2019, a new addition to the R&D team, Alexandros Maidis,a passionate engineer who is sharing the same passion about motorsports with Dino and Mario Nikolaidis, brought with him a portfolio provided with research on an alternative front system, based on the double wishbone suspension of Norman Hossack, optimized for lightweight motorcycles and a history of designing and manufacturing a couple of prototypes carrying a variation of such a set up. The last two years, owing to the pandemic’s lock down that has as a result the lack of business trips and exhibitions, lead the R&D team of DNA Filters, to thousands of hours of designing new products and innovative solutions for its production lines but most importantly gave them the opportunity to develop the new big thing… a lightweight race bike that will feature almost frictionless front and rear suspension! The target was clear. Near zero friction at all moving parts of the suspension, total weight less than a modern Moto3 bike but most importantly precisely engineered and manufactured.

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