DNA High Performance Filters

High quality, next generation multilayer cotton gauze, oil impregnated air filters.

Special Projects

DCR - 017

Re-imagining the timeless café racer design, this project incorporates state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and top-of-the-line components. The highlight of this masterpiece is the stunning CNC-machined Stage 3 airbox system, seamlessly blending classic aesthetics with cutting-edge performance.

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DCR - 018

Paying homage to a classic race-bike design crafted by our founder, Dino, the Billet Sting blends the perfect elements: precision-crafted billet aluminum, aggressive styling, and a mighty boxer engine. This dynamic combination delivers an exhilarating “sting” of adrenaline to every rider.

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DRR - 022

The Unconv3ntional, a race-ready motorcycle with dimensions based on the Moto3 category of MotoGP equipped with an unconventional front system and manufactured exclusively using materials and parts straight from the world championship.

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To Transform


into Power!

DNA Filters is a global standard on High Performance, excellent quality and innovation, with worldwide presence and recognition!

The DNA Factory

Equipped with the most modern, advanced technology machinery and systems, the plant s annual production capacity, is approximately 350.000 DNA Air Filters, special composite and aluminium parts. From our annual production around 5% is sold in Greece and 95% is exported to over 42 countries worldwide.

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The DNA High Performance Air Filter in Action

The 'technology' that our DNA filter uses to clean the air is surprisingly common to all of us. It is part of our body; we use it constantly to stay alive! It is part of the Human respiratory system that filters the air we inhale! Tiny moistened hairs called cilia protect the nasal passageways and other parts of the respiratory tract, filtering out dust and other particles that enter the nose with the breathed air.

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Our Awards

DNA High Performance Filters awarded with the prestigious 'Red Dot Product Design Award 2012' and “Red Dot Product Design Award 2017”.

The International recognition through the Red Dot Product Design Award as well as the top quality of its products and the persistence top perfection make its loyal followers proud.

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filters the best

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