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DNA Air Filters for BMW

are designed to increase the power and acceleration of your vehicle. These filters can be cleaned and reused. The cleaning and reinstallation process is simple, the filtration efficiency reaches 99%.

1 M Coupe i E82114D F20/21114i F20/21116D E81/87116D F20/21116D F40116i F20/21118D E81/87118D F20/21118D F40118i F20/21118i F40120D E81/87120D E82/88120D F20/21120D X F40120i F20/21125D F20/21125i F20/21135i E81/82/87/882 Active Tourer (U06)216D F45 Active Tourer216D F46 Gran Tourer216i F46 Gran Tourer218D F22/23218D F45 Active Tourer218D F46 Gran Tourer218i F22/23218i F45 Active Tourer218i F46 Gran Tourer220D F22/23220D F45 Active Tourer220D F46 Gran Tourer220i F22/23220i F45 Active Tourer220i F46 Gran Tourer220i G42225i F45 Active Tourer228i F22/23228i F22/23 xDrive316D F30/31316i F30/31318D E90/91/92/93318D F30/31318D F34 GT318D G20/G21318i F30/31318i G20/G21320D E90/91/92/93320D F30/31320D G20/G21320i F30/31320i F34 GT320i G20/G21320i xDrive F30/31320iX G20/G21325D F30/31325D F34 GT328i F30/31328i F34 GT328i xDrive F30/31330D E90/91/92/93330D G20/G21330e G20/G21330i F30/31330i G20/G21330iX G20/G21335 is E90/91/92/93335 xi E90/91/92/93335D E90/91/92/93335i E90/91/92/93418D F32/33418i F32/33420D F32/33420D G22/G23420D xDrive F32/33420i F32/33420i F36 Grand Coupe420i G22/G23420i xDrive F32/33420i xDrive F36 Grand Coupe425D F32/33428i 2.0L L4 F/I428i F36 Gran Coupe428i xDrive F32/33428i xDrive F36 Gran Coupe430D G22/G23430i G22/G23440D G22/G23518D F90518D G30/31520D F90520D G30/31520e G30520i F90520i G30/31525D G30/G31530D F90530D G30/31530e F90530e G30/31530i F90530i G30/31535i E60/61540D F90540D G30/31540i F90540i G30/31545e F90545e G30/31620D Gran Turismo G32 GT630D Gran Turismo G32 GT630i Gran Turismo G32 GT640i Gran Turismo G32 GT725D G11/12730D G11/12730Li G11/12730i G11/12740D G11/12740e G11/12745e G11/12840D F91/92/93840D G14/15/16840i F91/92/93840i G14/15/16M 340D G20/G21M 340i G20/G21M 340iX G20/G21M 440i G22/G23M 440iX G22/G23M2 CompetitionM2 G87M240i G42M3 CS G80/G81M3 Competition G80/G81M3 Competition xDrive G80/G81M3 F80M3 G80/G81M4 CS F82M4 CSL G82/G83M4 Competition G82/G83M4 Competition xDrive G82/G83M4 F82 GTSM4 F82/3M4 G82/G83M5 F10M6 F06 Gran CoupeM6 F12/13X1 (U11)X1 16D E84X1 16D F48X1 18D E84X1 18D F48X1 18i F48X1 20D E84X1 20D F48X1 20i F48X1 23D E84X1 25D E84X1 25D F48X1 25DX F48X1 25i F48X1 28i F48X1 28iX F48X1 F48 25eX2 (U10) s DriveX2 (U10) x Drive M35 IX2 18D F39X2 18D xDrive F39X2 18i F39X2 20D xDrive F39X2 20i F39X2 20i xDrive F39X2 25D xDrive F39X2 28i F39X2 28i xDrive F39X2 F39 25eXX3 18D F97X3 18D G01X3 20 DX F97X3 20 DX G01X3 20 iX F97X3 20 iX G01X3 20D F97X3 20D G01X3 20i F97X3 20i G01X3 25 DX 2.0L F97X3 25 DX 2.0L G01X3 30 DX F97X3 30 DX G01X3 30 EX F97X3 30 EX G01X3 30 iX F97X3 30 iX G01X3 M40 D F97X3 M40 D G01X4 20 DX F97X4 20 DX G02X4 20 iX F98X4 20 iX G02X4 20D F97X4 20D G02X4 20i F98X4 20i G02X4 25 DX F98X4 25 DX G02X4 30 DX F98X4 30 DX G02X4 30 iX F98X4 30 iX G02X4 M40 F98X4 M40 G02X4 M40 iX F98X4 M40 iX G02X5 30 DX F95X5 30 DX G05X5 40 DX F95X5 40 DX G05X5 40 iX F95X5 40 iX G05X5 45 EX F95X5 45 EX G05X6 30 DX F96X6 30 DX G06X6 40 DX F96X6 40 DX G06X6 40 iX F96X6 40 iX G06X7 30 DX G07X7 40 D G07X7 40 iX G07XD3 (G01)XD4 (G02)Z4 20i G29Z4 30i G29Z4 35i E89Z4 35is E89Z4 M40i G29

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