R-FD22PU15-01-WEB R-FD22PU15-01FD Visual-Comparison-of-R-FD22PU15-01-vs-FORD-RANGER-2


We proudly announce the official release of the R-FD22PU15-01 DNA High Performance Automotive Air Filter for the following models:


● This filter features DNA®'s 3D Oval Design.

● Installation of this new DNA Air filter is very easy; simply follow the installation instructions included in the workshop manual

● The filtering efficiency is extremely high at 98-99% filtering efficiency (ISO 5011), with 4 layers of DNA® Cotton.

● The flow of this new DNA filter is +25.29% more than the stock filter!
- DNA air filter flow: 242.20 CFM(Cubic feet per minute) @1,5"H2O corrected @ 25degrees Celsius
-Ford stock filter's flow: 193.30 CFM(Cubic feet per minute) @1,5"H2O corrected @ 25degrees Celsius

● This DNA® filter is designed as a High Flow Air filter for: 'Road & Track use'.

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