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Eric Bougelet took advantage of the second race of the Spanish Masters supermoto to go back up in the hierarchy of the championship ...

The very technical track of Villena, near Alicante, welcomed the second event of the Spanish supermoto

After very good free practices, Eric appeared more than confident to the qualifying session of the Saturday. Unfortunately, he had to content himself with the tenth place on the grid further a bad choice of front tire.

Eric : « Due to the tires limitation and due to the heat, i chose a hard front tire. It was not the right choice, the bike was sliding a lot. And i had to ride all the weekend with this tire.»

Eric took a really incisive start in the first heat being in sixth position after the first lap. He cannot improve his position and will have to content himself with this position.

The second start of the day was again perfect for the KTM rider, Eric was fighting during 80% of the race for the third position. But finally he had to content himself with a good fifth position. With this result Eric is back in the top 5 of the overall classification.

Eric : « Due to my front tire choice i knew it will be complicated. In the first heat I took a very good start but the asphault was still cold so I was not able to fight with the leading group, I just kept my position closing the doors. In the second race the asphault was hot, so taking more risks It was possible to fight during lot of laps. Due to the race conditions and my bad tire choice, I am very happy with this fifth position overall. I was fast in the off road section so I was able to reduce the difference with the leading group. »

Villena was also the first race of the Valencian "Motodes" championship. Eric is leading the championship after his good result.

The next event will be in Oliva for the « Motodes » supermoto .

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