The National Technical University of Athens NTUA, PROM RACING and DNA Filters join forces!

We are pleased and honored to announce that DNA Filters, Greece has signed a technical sponsorship agreement with PROM RACING, the FSAE official team of NTUA, that operates under the supervision of Profesor Th. N. Kostopoulos D. Sc.

Following PROM’s RACING successful debut at the FSAE 2011 competition the team is working ‘full throttle’ for the 2012 competition.

DNA will support the team in many different ways; draft presentation of our technical sponsorship follows:

• We will manufacture aluminum alloy and steel parts for the subframe, the differential, covers for the crankcase, rear shaft tensioner, ball joints etc.
All parts will be CNC machined directly from the designers CAD files.
• Our R&D engineers will test and evaluate the intake, throttle, airbox system, using our high tech “Rotronics Flow Scan” Computerized flow bench. The real time data will help the designers to improve and fine tune their design.
• We will produce all the molds necessary for manufacturing the carbon fiber parts.
• A special DNA High Performance Airfilter will be designed and manufactured for the PROM 11.
• Last but not least, we will assist the team on setting up the fuel injection on the dyno.

The NTUA-PROM RACING designers will have the possibility to work closely with our R&D engineers, be present during the manufacturing of the parts and gain valuable “real world” experience, using cutting edge technology.

For all of you the “motorsport fans” the best news start here! During the complete procedure we will post photos, videos, designs, comments and backstage info of the project!!

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