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DNA Sponsorship at Spanish Supermoto is getting bigger and bigger! Eric Bougelet - DNA Rider with KMS Racing team - finished 4th overall at the last race at Valencia!

Moreover DNA has started a new sponsorship with Lionel Deridder, Belgian rider for KMS Racing team, a very trustfull rider and with bright future! Lionel finished 2nd overall at this race!!

Still Eric is second at the championship! We are waiting for the next races! Enjoy some pictures from the last race above! 


DSCN2646 DSCN2647 IMG 0723 IMG 0831 IMG 0884

Eric Bougelet took advantage of the second race of the Spanish Masters supermoto to go back up in the hierarchy of the championship ...


We are really proud to announce that Xavi Fores with Ducati Panigale, team Pompone Squad and Santi Barragan with Suzuki GSXR 1000 rr, team Speed Racing dominated the Spanish SBK with 1st and 3rd position respectively!

Both DNA riders are very optimistic for the rest of the season and we are hoping for good and safe races for them! We must also thanks our valuable DNA Filters official distributor in Spain & Portugal, Transmision GP.

podium cev montmelo


DNA Filters sponsored Ducati Official Team SBK Pompone Squadra won the first race last Sunday at Portuguese Grand National Superbike Championship!!!

The rider is Xavi Fores and the bike the new Ducati Panigale! Podium pictures will be uploaded the next days.

Update: We have just been informed that also the second rider of the team, Ferran Casas, got the 2nd place! 

We are very proud for Pompone Squadra! Congatulations!!!

fores pompone ducati3


Trackspeed Racing 1-2 Snetterton

Ο Steve Tandy και ο Joe Osborne είναι οι οδηγοί που κατέλαβαν την πρώτη θέση καθώς κατάφεραν να κερδίσουν σε δυο αγώνες την Κυριακή στο Βρετανικό Πρωτάθλημα GT Avon Tyres του 2012, στο Snetterton, αφήνοντας πίσω τους Jon Minshaw και Tim Harvey, ομόσταυλους της ομάδας «Trackspeed». Το βάθρο της GT3 ολοκληρώθηκε με τους Jann Mardenborough και Alex Buncombe της ομάδας «RJN Motorsport».


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